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Monday 3 February 2014

How to make Peanut butter at home

Homemade Peanut Butter

1 cup roasted peanut
1 tbsp brown sugar
1 tsp canola oil/peanut oil
½ tsp salt

1.In a grinder jar/ food processor, add roasted peanut and sugar.
2.Grind it continuously for 1 mins.
3.At this time, peanut butter look gritty and dry.
4.Grind it for another 1 mins . then stop and scrape down the sides.
5.At this time ,the butter will start clumping together.
6.Grind it for another 1 mins, and then stop and scrape down the sides.
7.At this time, the butter will be glossy like thick peanut butter.
8.Add oil and salt in the jar and grind for 1-2 mins until it becomes completely smooth.
9.Transfer the peanut butter in storage container.
10 Use this yummy butter on toast or making cookies.

                                                   Add sugar and peanut.

                                                           After 1 mins.

                                                         After another 1 mins

                                                         like thick butter.

                                                         smooth butter.


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