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Wednesday 5 February 2014

Cake Pop

Chocolate Cake pop

1 eggless chocolate sponge cake
¼ cup whipped cream
100gm dark chocolate.
20gm white chocolate for decoration
Pop sticks

1.Firstly, crumble the cake by hand or food processor.
2.Add whipped cream in crumble cake and make a dough .
3.Make a lemon size balls of dough and insert the pop stick.
4.Melt the chocolate in oven or double boiler.
5.Dip this cake pop in the melted chocolate and refrigerator for 10-15 mins.
Decorate cake pop with white chocolate or with colorful small balls

                                                        Take a cake in bowl.

                                                               make it crumble.

                                                            Add whipped cream.

                                                            make balls and insert pop stick.

                                             Dip in melted chocolate


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  2. Lovely cake pops and very neatly explained.

  3. Wonderful cake pops. Happy to follow u. If u get time visit my space too.


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