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Friday, 23 May 2014

Bread Pakoda/bread fritters

Bread Pakoda

Bread Pakoda is a famous Indian street food.This is enjoyed in bread fast or teatime as a snack by all age group.Basically bread Pakoda is stuffed with spicy potato and dip into chickpea flour batter than deep fry or shallow fry till golden brown. It can be stuffed with spicy cheese or veggies or can be made without stuffing .Today i have prepared bread Pakoda with sauce layer

4 bread slices
2 tbsp mint-coriander chutney
2 tbsp tomato sauce
1/2 tsp red chilly sauce  
1 cup besan
½ tsp salt
½ tsp red chilly powder
½ tsp ajwain
Water as required
Oil for shallow fry

1.In a bowl , add besan, red chilly powder, ajwain ,salt and required water and make a nice thick batter. Keep it aside
2.Spread the mint-coriander chutney on two bread slices.
3.In a small bowl , mix tomato sauce and red chilly sauce and spread this sauce on two another bread slices.
4. Now place tomato sauce bread over the mint bread and light press them .Do same with another bread slices.
5.Cut  into four pieces
6.Heat 2 tbsp oil in the pan.
7.Dip the bread piece in the batter and Place on hot oil.
8.Do same with all bread pieces.
9.Shallow  fry till golden brown .
10. Place on the paper napkin .
11. Cut in to triangle shape .
Serve hot ………………

                                                              spread tomato sauce

                                                          Spread mint chutney

                                                     mix besan, ajwain, red chilly powder and water

                                                      place tomato sauce slice over the mint chutney slice

                                                     cut it

                                                             dip in the batter

                                                         heat the oil

                                                                    place on hot oil

                                                                             fry till golden brown

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  1. Bread pakora looks delicious!

  2. bread pakora.... so tempting and its raining outside.

  3. just reminds me that I haven't had these for ages... gotta make them soon... looks so tempting...


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