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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Savory cake

Savory Cake

Today I have prepared a savory cake .Basically I gives some twist to dhokla  that is a famous dish of Gujarat. I made simply dhokla and gave it cake look by icing it with hung curd and spread  sauté bell pepper .
                                  I have prepared Savory Cake as 2nd recipe of 2nd week of Blogging Marathon by Srivalli for the 38th edition with the theme ‘Kids Delight’

Blogging Marathon#38
Theme- "Kids Delight"


For base:
¾ cup besan/ gram flour
¼ cup semolina /suji
1 tsp sugar
½ red chilli powder
1 tsp sugar
¼ tsp turmeric powder
2 tsp lemon juice
1 tsp eno / fruit salt
¾ cup water

For paste
¾ cup matar/peas
¼ cup water
1 inch ginger
2 green chilly

For icing

1 cup hung curd

For tempering:
12-14 curry leave
1 tsp mustard seeds
2 green chilly
1tbsp oil
½ cup chopped bell pepper (red,green.yellow)


For base:
1.In a bowl,  Add gram flour, semolina, sugar, red chilli powder, turmeric powder and mix it.
2.In grinder jar add peas, green and ginger and add some water and grind a cores paste.
3.Add peas paste and water to the gran flour mixture and make a nice batter and keep aside for 15 mins.
4.Meanwhile heat the water in the steamer.
5.Grease a pan with oil and keep aside.
6.When water become hot , add eno salt and lemon juice in the batter and mix it well.
7.Immediately  pour the batter in the greased pan and place them in the steamer.
8.Steam them for 15 on high flam and than 5 mins on low flame.
9.Transfer this base on the plate and keep aside for cool down.

For icing: 

1.In a bowl ,add hung curd and mix it well.
2.Cut the cake in the into 2 round piece.
3.Spread the half hung curd on the first layer and cover with 2nd layer.
4.Now evenly spread all hung curd on last layer.

For tempered:
1.Heat the oil in the pan.
2.When oil became hot, add curry leave and  mustard seeds and spread this tempered on cake and now add chopped bell pepper in the same pan and sauté for 1 mins and spread this sauté bell pepper over the cake.
 Cut this cake into triangle shape and enjoy………   

                                       add garm flour, turmaric, sugar and salt.

                                       add peas ,green chilly and ginger and some water.

                                        grind a coarse
                                                    add peas paste and water and mix well.

                                                  make nice batter .

                                                         add lemon juice and eno salt.

                                                batter becomes foamy.

                       add batter on greased pan and steam them.

                                               steam cake.

                                                  cool down on the plate.

                                           cut into round slice
                                                take one piece

                                                        mix hung curd.

                                                  place half hung curd.

                                               spread evenly.

                                                        place another round piece .

                                              place all hung curd .

                                                    spread hung curd evenly.

                                                   heat oil in the pan.

                                     add mustard seeds, curry leaves and chilli and spread this tempering

                                         add chopped bell pepper and saute and spread on cake.


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  1. wow very interesting cake prachi...innovative and looks super..

  2. too good dear...love the way you have used hung curd icing & decorated it...very innovative..

  3. wow thats an delicious and yummy savory cake :) looks fabulous prachi !!

  4. Wow that is an amazing way to present Dhokla.. It looks very inviting. Love it.

  5. Such an innovative idea!! Looks great..

  6. I love this idea. The end result looks so nice.

  7. A brilliant idea to make savory cakes..loved the presentation as well.

  8. Interesting cake! You recipes are very innovative.

  9. OMG - what a unique and innovative cake - and decorated so artistically!!! You are so creative

  10. Very innovative and looks great..


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