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Saturday, 8 March 2014

homemade tortilla/ corn tortilla

Corn Tortilla

Tortilla is Mexican thin flat-bread that is made of finely ground wheat flour or corn flour . Tortilla serves hot or cold with savory filling. Tortilla also used to prepare such dish as tacos, enchiladas and burritos.

1 cup wheat flour/ atta
1 cup corn flour
½ tsp salt
Water as required

1.In a bowl, add wheat flour, corn flour and salt.
2.Add required water and knead a nice dough and keep aside for 15 mins
3. Make small size balls and take a ball and gently roll the with rolling pin.
4.Dust with more flour if requied and roll it as thin as possible.
5.Heat a flat pan or tava.
6.Put the roll tortilla on the pan
7.cook the tortilla on the hot pan for 30 seconds to a mins on each side. Tortilla should be lightly toasted and little air pockets forming.
8.remove the tortilla to a dish towel to keep them warm.
Serve immediately with salsa or refrigerate and reheat.

You can make the corn chips with tortilla.

                                                        add flour and salt

                                                           add water and knead it

                                                      make a dough.

                                                          make small balls.

                                                      roll it.

                                                      place on hot pan.

                                                      cook it.


  1. Tortillas i used to buy ready made ones. Yours turned out great and sure give it a try sometime.

  2. These look so great..will surely give a try dear :)

  3. Nice and easy!! Loved them :)

  4. Perfectly made tortillas! yum.


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