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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Melon Cooler

Melon Cooler

2 cup musk melon
2 tbsp sugar
9-10 mint leave
2 tsp lemon juice
1 ½  cup crushed ice
Mint leave for garnishing

1.In a blender,add chopped melon and sugar  blend it.
2.Add crushed ice and blend it again.
3.In a bowl, Strain it with a strainer .
4.Add crushed mint leaves and lemon juice and mix it.
5.Pour into serving glasses .
6.Add some extra ice cubs and garnish with mint leave

                                                         Add meli and sugar

                                                             strain it

                                                            Add mint leave and lemon juice

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  1. I love melon drinks.Melon, mint and lemon very cooling.

  2. Very refreshing cooler...looks good with nice clicks :)

  3. super cooler recipe for hot recipe..

  4. a very healthy refreshing drink..


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