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Friday, 15 August 2014

Tri-Color Custard | Independence day special

Tri-Color Custard | Independence Day Special recipes

2 cup milk
1 tsp cornflour
5 tbsp sugar
1 ½ tsp custard powder
Food color orange and green
Few drops of vanilla , orange and paan essence.
Some black raisin

1.Boil the ¾ cup milk in a small pan.
2.Mix corn flour and ¼ tsp vanilla essence in 2 tbsp water.
3.When milk boiled , add cornflour mixture and mix quickly.
4.Add 2 tbsp sugar and cook for 1 min on low flame.
5.Now boil 1 ¼ cup milk in a pan.
6.Mix custard powder with 3 tbsp water.
7.when milk boiled, add custard mixture and mix quickly.
8.add sugar and cook for 1 min on low flame. keep aside for cool down.
9.Divide the custard mixture in 2 parts.
10.Add green color and paan flavor in one part and orange color and orange flavor in second part. Mix it well.
11.Take a small glass or mousse glass.
12 Firstly fill 1/3 part of glass with green custard than fill half part with white custard and place a black raisin on the corner of white custard.
13.At last fill with orange custard.
14.Place glass in fridge to chill.
Serve ……………………….

                                                                    boil the milk

                                                                mix cornflour,vanilla  and water

                                                                add corn flour

                                                                      boil for 1 mins

                                                                            milk boil

                                                                   mix custard powder in water

                                                                    add custard powder mixture

                                                            add color and flavor

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  1. so easy to make and lovely custard pass :P
    HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY ... bless you dear

  2. Happy Independence Day.. such a cute post :)

  3. Happy Independence Day........ Looks colorful and perfect!

  4. Happy Independence day... very colourful post.


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