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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Tri-Color Mini Rasgulla | Independence Day Special

Tri-Color Mini Rasgulla  | Independence Day Special


1 cup cheena
2 ½ cup sugar
1 tsp milk
Green color and pista essence
Orange food color and saffron essence

1.Heat the 3 ½ cup water in a pan .
2.add sugar and dissolve it and boil them 7 min by the clock.
3.Make the small balls of cheena for making mini rasgullas.
4.Now add ½ cup with 1 tsp milk water and boil on medium flame and clear the impurities of sugar syrup.
5.Add all the cheena balls and boil them 5 mins by the clock.
6.Add ½ cup water and boil for 5 mins by the clock.
7.Now ,again add ½ cup water and boil for 5 mins by the clock.
8.Now add 2 cup of water slowly and boil for 2 mins .
9.Turn off the flame and keep aside to over night. So that rasgulla absorb sugar syrup properly.
10.Next day Separate the sugar syrup in 2 bowl.
11.Add green color and flavor in one bowl and orange color and flavor in another bowl .
12.Now. place some rasgullas in colored syrup .keep aside for 1 hour.
Now serve the rasgullas …….. 

                                                                 make small balls

                                                       add sugar and water

                                                              boil it

                                                         add balls

                                                        water and milk

                                                            add milk -water

                                                              boil for 5  mins

                                                         add water

                                                                 boil for 5 mins

                                                   add water and boil for 2 mins

                                                                 keep aside

                                                          add color in syrup

                                                                  add rasgulla

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  1. Tri color rasgulla looks fantastic :)

  2. these rus gullas are worth trying.. muu mai paani aa raha pass me some prachi lolx

  3. Loved the colourful invention...

  4. Hi dear! Hope u r doing well! Wanted to invite u to my very 1st event Back to School Lunch Ideas :) Ur participation will be mostt welcomed :)

  5. love your tricolour versions looks colourful and droolicious...

  6. Fabulous ! Looking colorful and patriotic :)

  7. What lovely Rasgulla Prachi! Lovely flavors!

  8. very colourful rasgullas. Brilliant idea. I am hosting a diwali event. Please do participate. Thanks.

  9. haven't seen u around from so many days.. i have setup an avent Meat lovers month if you are non veggie.. i would like to see your participation dear

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  11. Awesome mouth watery Rasgullas. Just loved them...Yummy


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