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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

How to cook pasta

How to cook pasta



2 cup pasta
1 tsp oil
½ tsp salt
Cooled water


1.Take deep pan fill with half of water and place on the flam.
2.Add oil and salt in the water .
3.Bring the water to a rolling boil
4.Add pasta in boiling water and stir it (pasta will stick together)
5.cook for 8-9 mins.
5.Check the paste.(cut into a piece, there  should not be any solid white in the center)
6.Turn off the flam ,Drain hot water and add cool water to pan for shop the cooking.
7.Drain the pasta in sieve .
8.Toss it into a simmering sauce or use in salad.

1.if you use long pasta like spaghetti, push it against the base of the pan and as you feel it give, keep pushing until it all collapses down into the water.
2.Use more water because pasta sticks when cook in little water.

                                         boil the water  and add oil and salt

                                              uncooked   pasta

                                         add pasta in boiling water

                                               check the paste

                                           add cold water or ice cubs

                                                    drain water

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