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Monday, 20 January 2014

Homemade butter

White Butter at Home |
Homemade butter

2 cup malai
Water as require
1tsp lemon juice


1.Pour  the malai in deep pan.
2. Beat it
3.when it becomes very thick add 1cup water and beat again.
4.After 1mins butter separates that show in the photo.
5.Separates all butter from milky water.
6.Do not throw the leflover  milky water. We can made paneer  of  it.
7.Heat the pan fill of milky water.
8.When the milky water becomes boil, add lemon juice in and mix well.
9.Paneer separates from milky water.
10.Drain the curdle milky water in a kitchen napkin.
11.Enjoy the white butter with aloo paratha / toast.

Use warm water in winters and chill water in summer

                                                                malai in pan

                                                                             Beat them

                                                                                   it becomes fluffy

                                                                           beat more than it become thick.

add water and beat again.

                                          butter separates from water
                                          heat milky water
                                   add lemon juice and mix.

                                it becomes curdle

                                   drain it
                                    paneer also ready


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