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Thursday, 12 March 2015

A decision can change the life

A Decision can change the life

Today I am sharing my experience that how a decision can change your life and gives you a new ways to starts your journey .I am living in a small district of Uttar Pradesh. I was born in a middle class family My parents life too was very simple and humble.They too had to fight  with life at situation to handle it but they gave us a good education. Myfather’s long to wish was to have a house of own .. They had not sufficient funds to purchase a new house. 

That time I had completed my 12th and entered into next level of study .i wanted to help my father to buy a house .I was fond of cooking . I was learn chocolate making from internet. Then I started to give my chocolate as gifts on all occasion .Everyone appreciate about chocolate flavor and packaging .

My friends and teachers suggested to start selling chocolate in market place. First I had tried one stop . they gave my order of 15 chocolates box . my journey starts from this step. After some time  I had received my response. Many shopkeeper wanted to sell my chocolate . that’s encourage me a lot. 

After few months, I wanted to expend my business so that I decided to increase my chocolate demand by selling them in many other cities. I had tried my stores in many cities then response was superb .Meanwhile I had completed all legal formalities related my company registration .

 I registered my chocolate farm as Fusion Chocolates .After three –four year my life was fully changed . My one right step gave new moto to my life . After 6 month I had decided to sell chocolates onlins . Now I am selling chocolates on Snapdeal ,day of deal or many other online sites. Now I have sufficient saving in my hand and  I can support  my father. My confidence level increase and I took one more step of buying a plot for my farm.

So, you too can look up and #Start A New Life at https://housing.com/in . It encourages to embrace change-good change, if we intend to move forward, living better and give ourselves the chance to be best we can possible be.

Take a look at this beautiful video of  https://housing.com/.

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  1. I agree... One decision changes life! Congrats on your success and may you achieve much more :)


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