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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Makhane ki Chikki | Chikki Recipe

Makhane ki Chikki | Chikki Recipe

After a long break…starting blogging again .first I want to wish you happy lohri  and happy Pongal to all ……for these festival I want to make some thing sweet not much sweet . Than my mom suggest me to make this yummiest chikki that made with lotus seeds/ /makhane. Lotus seeds are obtained from lotus flower. Its good source of protein ,potassium, magnesium . It can be eat raw and cooked . Dried lotus seeds can be popped like popcorn lotus seeds used in soup in traditional Chinese cooking. Many times lotus seeds paste also. used in chinese pasties and Japanese cakes (Mooncake filling)and desset .So today am sharing recipe of makhane ki chikki.it very easy to make .lets starts………………..

1 tbsp ghee
¾ cup sugar
250gm  makhane

Method :
1.heat the ghee in the pan.
2. Roast the makhane until crisped than transfer the makhane in the plate .
3.Now add the sugar and melt them on slow flame .
4.Meanwhile grease the plate with little ghee.
5.After 2 mins sugar melts and became caremalize.
6.Add roasted makhane in syrup and mix it well.
7.Transfer this on greased plate and lighty press them with spatula for even surface. Leave them for 5-10 mins. Now crispy makhane ki chikki is ready.
Store them in air tight container…

Enjoy………..with family…


  1. that sure looks very yummy. never thought of makhana chikki. great recipe

  2. yumm.. sure it would have been tasty.

  3. yummy

    Please link your recipes to my event

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