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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Chole bhature

Chole bhature | Panjabi chole bhature 

For Bhature:

½ kg maida
1 tsp salt
1tsp eno/ fruit salt
Water as required


1.In a bowl, add maida, eno and salt and mix well.
2.Add some water and knead a dough like roti dough.
3.Place the dough in bowl and cover with cloth.
4.Set it aside in a warm place 2 hour.
5.After 2 hour knead again the dough.
6.Make a ball of dough and roll it in 5-6 inch discs.
7.Heat oil in the vessel .
8.Fry the bhature till golden brown.
9.Serve the bhature hot with Panjabi chole and sliced onion.

                               mix maida, salt and eno

                              add water and knead a dough

                                    set aside the dough

                                    make a ball of dough

roll it            

                               heat the oil

                     fry the bhatura

                                     fry well


 There is no need of paper napkin because this bhature does not absorb oil.


  1. Love this bhature...never tried with eno salt...New follower here..visit me when time permits..
    Simply Delicious

  2. Delicious chole bature, love the trick of adding eno salt. I am your new follower.

    1. thank u for following , just fry it eno makes awsm bhature,


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